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This blog only exists so I can post on Fire With Water, a group blog about conflict, nonviolence, and peace. There’s no need to follow me here, since I never post anything, but I would love it if you’d follow Fire With Water!


Hello!  My name is Kate Molski, and here are some things you may want to know about me: 

I’m a graduate of American University with a BA in International Studies, and a focus on Peace and Conflict Resolution.  I interned at Nonviolence International and the Peacebuilding and Development Institute.  In college my regional focus was Russia and Central Eurasia.  I studied Russian for seven years, studied abroad at Jagiellonian University’s Center for European Studies in Krakow for a semester, co-chaired a conference on the media’s role in conflict for journalists from Georgia and Abkhazia, and wrote my senior thesis on language and ethnic nationalism in Latvia. 

I stayed in DC after college, where I held two long-term temporary positions, at the United Way of the National Capital Area and at GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.  Next, I worked at Meridian International Center, managing the administrative aspects of a State Department program in which international visitors working in sectors important to US interests visit different cities throughout the US to exchange ideas about their respective fields.

By last summer I had decided to widen my regional specialization to include Latin America.  I spent the fall living in El Salvador, where I studied Spanish and taught English at the Center for Exchange and Solidarity, a social justice non-profit.  I was lucky enough to teach the conversational level, which meant that in addition to teaching language, I was basically moderating a discussion of Salvadoran social issues among my smart, passionate students.  I traveled throughout the capital and the country, learning about the history of the conflict and current social issues facing the country and region. 

As I write this, I’ve just returned from six months in Bogota, Colombia, where I was a volunteer with a local human rights organization, Justicia y Vida.  I was working primarily on their campaign against the proposed US military bases throughout the country, including creating a report which was used as the basis for discussion in a hearing on the issue held in the Colombian Congress. 

I am extremely passionate about nonviolent struggles for social justice, peacebuilding, human rights (feminism, LGBT rights, anti-racism and anti-ablism, to name a few), environmentalism, ending exploitative labor, and basically helping create a better world.

I also love languages, reading novels, learning and thinking about new things, bicycling as transportation, city living, dancing (I’m far from an expert, but I know enough to enjoy myself in salsa, merengue, bachata, blues, and swing), hearing strangers’ life stories, board games, quality time with friends and family, and—well, who doesn’t love long walks on the beach?

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